Army Air Corps

Two sizes of frames are available.  The larger measures 335mm by 260mm and costs £40.  The smaller measures 255mm by 200mm and costs £25.  Both sizes have a walnut wood style finish.  Please note that some of the photographs show frames with a lighter pine style finish, you will still receive the darker walnut wood style.


The cap badge and weapons are moulded in cold cast bronze resin and mounted on coloured baize/felt.


Postage within the UK is free.  International postage is charged at Royal Mail prices.


Any combination of weapons on a frame is available on request, alternative coloured backings are also available on request.


If you have a question or a specific request or if you wish to make a purchase please contact




1/6 scale GPMG, SLR & SMG

Larger frame


1/6 scale HK53

Smaller frame


1/4 scale 9mm Browning

Smaller frame


1/6 scale SA80 A1 with fixed bayonet

Smaller frame

AAC Glock

Full size Glock

Larger frame