Larger Frame - 340mm by 250mm

Most cap badges and coloured baize backgrounds are available on request.  Simply contact

1/6 scale weapons, 1/2 scale bayonets/daggers, 1/4 scale Browning 9mm and full size cap badges all moulded in cold cast bronze resin.   The frame is 340mm by 250mm.


Price is £30 & free postage within the UK.


Each frame is made to order.  Any combination can be requested.

RM 129 DAGGER para ugl bay RMP CP DSCN1004 pwo l42 wpns Mod RM GPMG GLOSTERS WPS DSCN0997 li gimmpy bay IMG_0576 (Edited) IMG_0575 (Edited) IMG_0491 (Edited) IMG_0258 IMG_0618 IMG_0360 IMG_0570 (Edited) IMG_0260 IMG_0397 (Edited) IMG_0199 (Edited) IMG_0377 (Edited) IMG_0322 (Edited) IMG_0471 (Edited) IMG_0293 (Edited) IMG_0520 (Edited) IMG_0252 (Edited) IMG_0234 (Edited)